Annual Rate of Occurrence

In the context of risk management, the annual rate of occurrence is an estimate of the repetitions of the realization of a risk, over the period of a year. The relationship between ARO, SLE and ALE is:

    ALE = SLE * ARO

Single Loss Expectancy

In the context of risk management, the single loss expectancy is an estimate of the monetary damage to an organization from a specific instance of realization of a risk.

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How to run Firefox 3.6 on Ubuntu 15.04

These instructions will allow you to run the ancient 3.6 version of Firefox on a recent Ubuntu installation, namely 15.04, but it could apply to versions of Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint released close to 15.04.

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Example queries on the Sakila MySQL database

Sakila is a sample database provided by MySQL, meant to be used in tests and documentation examples. This page lists some example queries against that database.

Get a non-normalized selection of actors and films in which they played:

SELECT  actor.first_name, 
FROM actor, film, film_actor 
WHERE film_actor.actor_id = actor.actor_id 
AND film_actor.film_id = film.film_id;

Get the same result with double INNER JOIN:

SELECT actor.first_name, actor.last_name, film.title 
FROM film_actor 
INNER JOIN actor ON film_actor.actor_id = actor.actor_id 
INNER JOIN film ON film_actor.film_id = film.film_id;

Show privileges for all users in MySQL

Example script:

mysql   --silent \
        --skip-column-names \
        --user mysqldumper \
        --execute 'SELECT User, Host from mysql.user' | \
        while read User Host; do 
            mysql --user mysqldumper --execute "SHOW GRANTS FOR '$User'@'$Host'"; 
            echo "==========================="; 

The mysqldumper user only requires read permissions on the databases.


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