crontab can refer to two things:

  1. File /etc/crontab.
  2. Command crontab.

Cisco: banner motd

With banner motd you can define a message that will be displayed to the user when she connects to the device in any way (both to VTY and to console lines). The difference of this command with banner login is that the message defined with banner login will only display on connections to VTY lines.

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Cisco: show port-security

show port-security displays a table with brief information on the status of all ports on which port-security rules have been configured.

alias (Cisco command)


cisco(config)#alias exec save copy running-config startup-config

The example above will make the word save an alias of the longer command copy running-config startup-config. The general form of the command is:


Cisco: banner login

With banner login you can set a message that will be displayed to the user when she connects to a VTY line.

See also banner motd.

Cisco: clock

With clock you can set the current time and date on a Cisco device. For example:

clock set 20:08:56 Sept 21 2010

The generic syntax of the command is:

clock set hh:mm:ss MONTH <0-31> YYYY


  • hh is the hour,
  • mm are the minutes,
  • ss are the seconds,
  • MONTH is the month,
  • <0-31> is the date, an integer between 0 and 31, and
  • YYYY is the year.

Note that the month and date are also acceptable in the reverse order, for example:

clock set 20:08:56 21 Sept 2010

Citrix XenServer 6.2

Deprecated Features

Installation Guide

See also

  • xvpsource, a cross-platform VNC-based and Web-based Management for Citrix XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform. This, according to Citrix, can replace the Web Self Service feature that was removed in XenServer 6.2.


exportfs is a helper utility for managing an NFS server.

Used without any parameters, it will just display a list of active exports, and the hosts that are allowed to access them.

Used with the r parameter, it will reread /etc/exports.


PySphere is a Python API that provides access to vSphere's Web Services SDK.

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