MusicBrainz Django Models

This project is an attempt to express the MusicBrainz Server database schema as Django Models. Read the Documentation or Fork on GitHub.


I wrote this script and used to use it to generate the content of my website, before I switched to Jekyll. It traverses a directory of sources, mostly written in Markdown, and produces static HTML files. It was triggered by a post-merge Git hook on the web server. Fork on GitHub.

BackupPC Archive Script

This is a script that can create archives of backups taken with BackupPC. It can be used to keep an offsite copy of the latest backup of a host. Fork on GitHub.

Briki WP Registration Whitelist

This is a WordPress plugin that I wrote in April of 2011, that matches a new user's email against a whitelist during the user registration process. It was a request in the Greek WordPress Users' Forum (then, now gone). Fork on GitHub.

Grokking Tech

From June 2016 to June 2017 I ran a website at in which I collected video recordings from talks at technology-related conferences. That is now defunct as I did not put enough time into it to make it work. The static website is archived at Projects / Grokking Tech.