Pizza Maker

The Pizza Maker is a little proof-of-concept web application I built to learn how to tie together Angular5, Bootstrap, Django and the Django Rest Framework. Fork on GitHub.

MusicBrainz Django Models

This project is an attempt to express the MusicBrainz Server database schema as Django Models. Read the Documentation or Fork on GitHub.


I wrote this script and used to use it to generate the content of my website, before I switched to Jekyll. It traverses a directory of sources, mostly written in Markdown, and produces static HTML files. It was triggered by a post-merge Git hook on the web server. Fork on GitHub.

BackupPC Archive Script

This is a script that can create archives of backups taken with BackupPC. It can be used to keep an offsite copy of the latest backup of a host. Fork on GitHub.

Briki WP Registration Whitelist

This is a WordPress plugin that I wrote in April of 2011, that matches a new user's email against a whitelist during the user registration process. It was a request in the Greek WordPress Users' Forum (then, now gone). Fork on GitHub.

Grokking Tech

From June 2016 to June 2017 I ran a website at in which I collected video recordings from talks at technology-related conferences. That is now defunct as I did not put enough time into it to make it work. The static website is archived at Projects / Grokking Tech.

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