Pacemaker is a cluster resource manager, commonly used together with Corosync.

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Puppy Arcade

Puppy Arcade is a live CD distribution that includes several retro gaming emulators.

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Corosync Cluster Engine

Corosync is a cluster engine, meant to be used as part of other projects. It is commonly used together with Pacemaker.

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Group Installations

On CentOS, RHEL and probably other rpm-based distributions, it is possible to install sets of packages that are teamed together in logical groups. These groups will install all packages that are required for a specific function.

You can get a list of available package groups with:

yum grouplist

You can get a description of a group and the list of the packages that will be installed with:

yum groupinfo 'Group Name'

...for example:

yum groupinfo 'SNMP Support'

Finally, you can install a group of packages with:

yum groupinstall 'Group Name'


Add route to specific network:

route add -net netmask dev eth0

Add default gateway:

route add default gw eth0

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