On RedHat, CentOS, and probably other RPM-based distributions, the /etc/filesystems file lists the filesystems that are known to the system, i.e. those filesystems that can be mounted without specifying the filesystem type. The contents of that file in a minimal CentOS installation are:

[root@c6min ~]# cat /etc/filesystems
nodev proc
nodev devpts

How to get Google search suggestions in Firefox on Linux Mint

The Google search feature is not offered as an option in the version of Firefox that comes installed in Linux Mint. You can add it with the Manage Search Engines feature, but when you do, you will notice that there are no search suggestions when you start typing a search term.

To add Google search suggestions, you need to edit the file google.xml, located in the searchplugins directory, inside your Firefox user profile. In my case, the full path for this file is:


Yours should be similar, and the command locate google.xml can help you find the path.

Edit that file, and add the following line:

<Url type="application/x-suggestions+json" method="GET" template="https://www.google.com/complete/search?client=firefox&amp;q={searchTerms}"/>

...somewhere before the closing </SearchPlugin> tag. Restart your Firefox, and suggestions should now work.


The myisamchk utility comes with a standard MySQL server installation, and can check, repair and optimize MyISAM tables faster than the CHECK TABLE, REPAIR TABLE and OPTIMIZE TABLE SQL commands.

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Bind Samba server to specific IP

By default, a Samba server will listen for connections on all the interfaces of the host. This can be verified by:

# netstat -tulpn | egrep "samba|smbd|nmbd|winbind"
tcp    0    0*       LISTEN      30352/smbd
tcp    0    0*       LISTEN      30352/smbd
tcp    0    0 :::139              :::*            LISTEN      30352/smbd
tcp    0    0 :::445              :::*            LISTEN      30352/smbd

To bind the server to a specific IP or interface, add the following lines to the [global] section of Samba's configuration:

bind interfaces only = yes
interfaces = lo eth0

That will make the server listen to connections only to lo and eth0. The value of the interfaces parameter, can also be an IP, like:

interfaces =

For further information, see the man page for smb.conf.

See also

  • The Samba port usage article in the Samba Wiki explains a bit more on why it might be necessary to have the server listening on the lo interface.

PepperMint OS

PepperMint OS is a Linux distribution, based on Ubuntu and running the LXDE desktop by default.

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