Cannot set device IP in Zenoss

In Zenoss, there is a chance that you might get a failure to set or change the IP of a device in the web interface. This sometimes happens because that specific IP address is already assigned to one of the subinterfaces (typically a Vlan interface) of another device. In this case, you will just get an error that Zenoss Failed to set IP Address.

If you try to set or change the IP address from ZenDMD, then the error is a little bit more informative:

>>> Device = find('')
>>> Device.setManageIp('')
2014-01-15 11:18:30 WARNING zen.Device The IP address is already assigned
'The IP address is already assigned'

The problem here is that you can't find an IP by searching for it in the web interface, if that IP is assigned to a subinterface. Enter ZenDMD! Here's how to search of a specific IP, in all the interfaces of all the devices:

>>> for Device in dmd.Devices.getSubDevices_recursive():
...      for Interface in Device.os.interfaces(): 
...           if Interface.getIpAddress() != None and Interface.getIpAddress().startswith(''):
...                print,, Interface.getIpAddress()

Running the above, will return a result similar to: Fa0/1.900

This tells you the device on which that IP address exists, and the specific subinterface on which it is assigned to.

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