smbpasswd is the Samba equivalent of the system's passwd, it allows for the management of Samba user accounts.

Add a user

To add a user, use smbpasswd with the -a option, and the username as the only required parameter, e.g:

smbpasswd -a obiwan

The very first time that you will run smbpasswd it will warn that a user database does not yet exist. This is normal, and smbpasswd will generate that database.

Change a password

Users can change their own passwords, and root can change any other user's password. If the Samba server authenticates users against a remote server, the server can be defined with the -r option.

For example, when used with a local user database (i.e. in conjunction with a security = User setting in [Global]), a user can change their password with just:

obiwan@server ~ $ smbpasswd

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