Reading #8

Not much reading done for the past couple of days. I am occupied elsewhere, plus I 'm doing some research that might or might not result in a monster post soon.

Free and Open Source related stuff

There is this discussion going on on the mailing list, regarding the popularity-contest package, its results, and whether or not the numbers are accurate for the number of installations of the Greek language pack. The package comes from Debian, here's the README and the FAQ.

Additional reading on popularity-contest:

Digging a bit further, I found the list of translations sorted by number of installations, which shows some more realistic results: greek language pack is the 123rd in number of installations (33rd if sorted by "vote", which better indicates recently -less than one month- used installations). 123rd in installations Vs 33rd in usage, I suppose can be interpreted as: "We install less but use more of the installed base", in other words we have more decisive people :)

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