Replace Failed Disk on NetApp FAS

After physically replacing the disk, the new disk might not be assigned to the controller on which the old disk was assigned, depending on the value of the disk.auto_assign option, which you can check with:

options disk.auto_assign

Even if the value of that option is on, the disk might still remain unassigned, in which case you will see a message for unassigned disks in the end of the output of the command:

disk show

You can see which disks are unassinged with

disk show -n

To assign a disk to a controller, SSH to that controller and do:

disk assign XX.YY.ZZ

... where XX.YY.ZZ is the name of the disk, as obtained by disk show -n. Example output:

FAS> disk assign 01.23.45
Fri May 13 00:00:02 [FAS:diskown.changingOwner:info]: changing ownership for disk 12.34.45 (S/N ABCDEF) from unowned (ID 1234567890) to FAS (ID 0987654321)

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