LPIC-2 Revision

My list of topics to revise, before taking the LPIC-2 exam. Note that this list was compiled before the exam objectives' revision in October 2013.


  • Example Servers: bigpie1, sds1, nicds1, officesrv
  • CentOS Install DHCP
  • dhcpd.conf


  • Example Servers: ldap-master, ldap-slave
  • Locate and examine LDIF files
  • ldapadd, slappasswd, ldappasswd, ldapdelete, getent, ldapsearch


  • /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward and sysctl.conf equivalent
  • RIP with routed


  • iptables chains, default policies
  • flush tables, add rules
  • configure NAT

SSH * Support programs: rpc.idmapd, rpc.mount.d, rpc.nfsd, rpc.statd, portmap * Setting up exports with NFS in /etc/exports, and on the fly with exportfs * showmount, nfsstat, rpcinfo * Mount over NFS

FTP * PAM Basics, PAM Stacks, Examples of PAM Modules * PAM Configuration, NSS Configuration

TCP Wrappers

  • /etc/hosts.allow, /etc/hosts.deny
  • Calling TCP Wrappers from /etc/inetd
  • /etc/xinetd


  • Network Design for SNORT


  • Fail2Ban configuration


  • Identifying active bootloader on a system (based on files on disk or with bootinfoscript)
  • LILO Error Messages
  • GRUB Legacy Error Messages
  • GRUB2 Error Messages and Rescue Console

Boot Time Troubleshooting

  • initrd
  • dmesg
  • /etc/inittab, runlevel, SysV and Upstart

Hardware Troubleshooting

  • Hardware detection (/proc/cpuinfo, lspci, lsusb, lsdev, lsmod)

Log files Troubleshooting

  • Helpful files: syslog, messages, dmesg or boot.log, secure, cron, lastlog
  • Scanning Log Files with head, tail, less, grep, logcheck
  • syslogd configuration
  • Logrotate configuration

Software Troubleshooting

  • strace and ltrace, ldd, lsof, strings
  • Library Dependencies
  • Kernel options in /proc/, sysctl, /etc/sysctl.conf
  • init and the process tree
  • top

Troubleshooting Login and Accounts

  • Logins with login, XDM, KDM, GDM, getty
  • Network Logins with Telnet, SSH, X, XDMCP, VNC
  • Users management with usermod
  • Login variables in /etc/login.defs, /etc/profile, /etc/bashrc, ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc


  • Schedule Jobs with Cron

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