Login in to website with Digest authentication in Python

Websites that use HTTP authentication, can use one of a couple of authentication methods, like Basic or Digest. When first opened, the website returns a 401 message, along with a string that contains the type of authentication and the Realm, and expects from the user to enter their credentials. Here is how to login with Python to a website that uses Digest.

First, verify the authentication type and get the Realm with curl. The option -I only fetches the headers:

[[email protected]]$ curl -I http://example.com
HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
WWW-Authenticate: Digest realm="Example Realm",  nonce="1a7278f234efe7894dfd823", algorithm=MD5, qop="auth"

The significant parts from the output above is that the HTTP Authentication method is Digest and that the realm is Example Realm.

Now the Python part:

import urllib2

URL      = 'http://example.com'
Realm    = 'Example Realm'
Username = 'marios'
Password = 'p@ssw0rd'

authhandler = urllib2.HTTPDigestAuthHandler()
authhandler.add_password(Realm, URL, Username, Password)
opener = urllib2.build_opener(authhandler)
page_content = urllib2.urlopen(URL)

The page_content variable now contains the contents of the webpage returned after the authentication, and can be read with something like for line in page_content or parsed as HTML/XML.

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