Juniper JUNOS Online Help

Juniper devices have extensive help options in the CLI.

Tip of the day

To view a very short tip, execute:

marios@juniper> help tip cli

This is not exactly a tip of the day - since you actually get a new tip each time you execute that command. Still pretty cool though.

Help with syslog messages

You can view an explanation of what a syslog message means with help syslog. For example, for the LOGIN_INFORMATION message, execute:

marios@juniper> help syslog LOGIN_INFORMATION

Search in help topics

You can search in help topics with help apropos. This will return a list of help pages that contain the word you searched for. For example, you can search for all pages that refer to syslog with:

marios@juniper> help apropos syslog

Topical help

To get help on a specific topic, start with help topic. For example, for help on syslog, execute:

marios@juniper> help topic system syslog

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