Links to free books

This is an unsorted list of links to free books (some libre, some gratis, some both) that I find here and there, put here for future reference. Unfortunately, these links tend to break often.

  1. Introduction to the Command Line
  2. You don't know JS, a Kickstarter-born series of books on JavaScript.
  3. How to Make a Computer Operating System
  4. A Byte of Python 3
  5. Linux 101 Hacks
  6. The Debian Administrator's Handbook
  7. PicoLisp Works (on Scribd) or PicoLisp Works (on GitHub)
  8. PicoLisp by Example (on Scribd) or PicoLisp by Example (on GitHub)
  9. Practical PHP
  10. Dive into Python
  11. Free as in Freedom
  12. Getting Real - The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application
  13. The Linux Command Line

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